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Fully catered merchandising platform for social media influencers.
Currently, influencers have two main ways to monetize their platforms. Either running ads on behalf of other brands or creating their own merchandise. Running ads are considered to be "sell-out-y". Creating appealing merchandise is difficult unless you're working under an agent or management who can provide the necessary tools.
Staraplex eliminates the need for any management/agency to organize and put together a custom made merchandise store for the influencer. The influencers are outreached to and shown a simple step by step process which is fully catered and they put in minimal work. The result is their own custom store.
I have been experimenting with influencer marketing since 2017, where I would launch and promote my own products through influencers, dive into performance metrics and get a better understanding of the influencer economy. I have since then started working with as an influencer data specialist and paid social manager at an influencer marketing agency and unlocked lots more doors into influencer statistics which is what makes me confident in the future of Staraplex.  Dale Benjamin is our co founder who I met in 2017 through an influencer ad I noticed he had placed and I inquired about its performance. We started talking about what was working and what was not. Since then, we launched multiple 6 figure e-commerce brands through the use of influencer and paid social marketing and we collectively decided Staraplex was going to be our next big project. He even dropped out of college (US) to pursue it with me.  Finally, Jordan Jackson-Hope, who some may already know as Australia’s rugby union player, has joined the team as an angel investor who’s committed to the long-term goals of Staraplex and is offering to share his network of influencers within the sports community and quickly set us up with an arsenal of clients.  All in all, we are a small team of entrepreneurs who have lived and breathed marketing & influence for the last 4+ years.
Since the start of Staraplex, we’ve had an angel investor join the board who’s looking to connect us with relevant clients upon launching. Throughout our pre-launch client outreach, we’ve successfully prospected multiple leads, one of which is a large talent management agency who’s looking to roll Staraplex out onto all of their talent over the course of the year.  The MVP will be launched around July/August.
Looking For
£55,000 in funding, as well as advisors and any relevant intros in the influencer marketing or merchandising/fulfillment industries.
Staraplex is the trading name of STARAPLEX INC. incorporated and registered in Illinois, USA with company number 72527097 whose registered office is at 500 N MICHIGAN AVE STE 536 CHICAGO , IL 60611.
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Thomas Abbott
Founder/Marketing Manager @ Tailify
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I taught myself the fundamentals of marketing and eCommerce. While working on growing my brands, I worked as a social media manager for multiple companies to gain experience at the same time. I translated my learning into scaling successful businesses which are currently valued at over $300,000. I experimented with and created a unique blueprint for an eCommerce business model which, after taking advantage of, successfully commercialized to the wider public under my company Royce Link Ltd. I currently work at an influencer marketing agency where my priority is to learn the structure of a successful startup, while being exposed to senior roles, people and brands. I am also in the process of building a start-up (Staraplex) that I hope to pursue permanently in the near future.
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