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Air-dried fruit crisps with no added sugar or preservatives made from wonky fruit.
Gap in the market for food waste.
Helping to reduce food waste and creating a circular economy where nothing is wasted
The team is composed of three old friends who re-engaged after leaving Italy to London. Giuseppe is a former founder of a drink company and possesses start-up experience and market domain knowledge. Claudio is a relentless salesperson who has raised £20,000 through pitching and secured major contracts for the business. Aubrey is a Strategy Consultant with 9-year in a Fortune 500 firm. He possesses an invaluable business experience and network, which has allowed the company to accelerate its growth over a short period.
Since inception, we have had significant wins, among which; the backing of Santander, Shell livewire and Unltd for our innovation and sustainable approach. Six months after our official products launch, we have built a strong social following, found product-market fit for one of our SKUs and forged relationships with key UK retailers to widen business operations and customer reach. We expect more growth in the upcoming months due to the current opportunities in the pipeline.
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Güsto Snacks is the trading name of GUSTO SNACKS LTD incorporated and registered in England & Wales with company number 12071511 whose registered office is at 8 Ridley Road, London, England, E7 0LT.
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Claudio Owusu
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I was born and raised in Italy to Ghanaian parents. In 2013, I moved to London in a bid to combine my love for sports with business studies.  Following up on this plan, I enrolled at St Mary’s Twickenham University and graduated with a BA in Sports Management. During my undergraduate years, I was exposed to entrepreneurship, which led me to found Gusto Snacks - a social enterprise venture. Working as an entrepreneur and sports coach has helped shape my persona. Over the years, I have developed confidence, tenacity, and a results-focused mindset. Gladly, I have had some great wins in my entrepreneurial journey. Notable of mention are the Santander Start-up Award, Shell Live wire Start-up Award, Unlimited Start-up - raising a total of £20,000 in pitch competitions to fund my venture.
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