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Mind-reading technology for better mental health management.
Mental health is often confused with mental illness, making it difficult to effectively address it. However, we all have mental health and it primarily defines how we interact with the world. We want to focus on it more but current solutions are stigmatised, expensive and don't easily turn into habits.
Kouo makes mind-reading technology for better mental health management. Our headphones help you gain insight into your emotional states while listening to music, taking calls or exercising. Using our algorithms we quantify emotions and turn them into clear, actionable insights for each user. Knowing what works helps build habits that stick.
To build this technology we have assembled a team of world-class developers, innovators and academics from institutions such as Imperial College London and the Universties of Oxford and Vienna. We are supported by a panel of industry experts as advisors across the major expertise we need; entrepreneurship, AI and psychology.
We have: - Secured £200k in a pre-order waitlist with attempted purchases. - Developed an MVP - Achieved 90% accuracy on our models - Developed partnerships with Imperial College London and LSBU - Successfully raised our pre-seed round - Created our own patentable sensor material - Are featured at Websummit
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£650k to take our headphones to market.
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Kouo is the trading name of KOUO LIMITED incorporated and registered in England & Wales with company number 12246314 whose registered office is at Flat 333, Point West 116 Cromwell Road, London, England, SW7 4XB.
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Shaan Bassi
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I was an imperial college biotechnologist, I spent time working as a research scientist at GSK but moved to Venture building where I worked with fortune 500 companies on developing innovation from ideation through to scaling. This gave me the skills to run Kouo, the fitbit of Brain computer interfaces.
Keidi Kapllani
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Hud Syafiq
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