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Intelligent bill and subscription management tools for banking customers.
British consumers waste millions of pounds overpaying on their bills and subscriptions every year. People struggle to understand what they’re regularly paying for, let alone know which deals on the market are best suited for them. In the meantime, banks and suppliers are struggling to get close to their customers - both are looking for ways to engage customers and drive organic revenue.
At ApTap we're building bill management tools that let customers cancel, compare, switch or sign up to services with a few taps. You can think of us as a data-driven, embedded comparison engine, that starts by understanding the end customer and does all the heavy lifting for them. We do this all within our partners’ apps (i.e. we are a B2B2C company), and in turn drive engagement and revenue for our clients.
We’re a team of ten with experience in financial services, telecoms, utilities, and regulation.
We recently launched with TSB Bank in April, and are shortly launching a handful of other integrations over the coming weeks.
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We are raising £550k to fund sales and marketing alongside our Innovate UK Smart Grant.
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ApTap is the trading name of APTAP LTD incorporated and registered in England & Wales with company number 11171584 whose registered office is at 5 Princes Gate, London, England, SW7 1QJ.
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Will Billingsley
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Bill management sucks. That’s why we’re fixing it. At ApTap, we're working towards a world where you can switch services with one tap. Cancelling, switching or signing up takes hours when it should take seconds. We improve user awareness and offer control, saving people time and money, while driving user engagement and revenue for financial services and suppliers. As co-founder and CCO I lead on all things commercial, as we look to use open data across banking and beyond to make bill management easy. I’m passionate about start ups in general and find myself mentoring a handful at the moment. Keep a look out for my articles focused on the various stages of pre/seed business and check out my Founder’s Pack below! I’m always happy to help a fellow founder. Outside of work life I like to keep busy through football, cycling, kung fu, gaming, drumming and piano. If you’re in the financial space (bank, FinTech, PFM tool etc.) and want to learn about how we can help your customers manage their bills, please reach out!
Isa Ibrahim
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ApTap simplifies people lives; We are building a white labelled tool for any banking app or challenger to improve their user engagement and add new revenue streams. We allow bank's end users to organise their payments, and then do an automatic comparison of their bills versus deals on the market. Then they can cancel, switch and sign up to services with just a few taps, in app! Ambitious Materials Science and Engineering graduate focused on applying technical aptitude to a position in engineering and technological advancements. Driven mindset with excellent research, time management and creative skills leading to a passion for problem solving. Enjoy spending time tutoring sciences. Seeks to apply knowledge and inquisitive nature to stay on the forefront of technology and excel in Entrepreneurship.
Nadal Sarkytbayev
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Co-Founder and CEO of ApTap. (Fundraising, Hiring & Revenue) We building the simplest bill management platform and fastest switching service, where you can see all your bills and subscriptions inside your bank and switch to a new provider in less than 100 seconds. Our vision is to build the world’s largest subscription marketplace. Very passionate about science, innovation, art, music and sports. Inspired by big visionary concepts and always curious about the quantum leap ideas. Future Space Traveler.🚀
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